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Hijab, Niqab

Met former student on the street. Mentioned I had been to this restaurant where two women were cooking, one with hijab and one with niqab. “I know them,” he said. “They are sisters. Were you there on the weekend? During … Continue reading

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Friend sent a couple of images from 1972. Taken from one of those four for a quarter photo booths. Reproduced here, with permission. I still have the other two somewhere, I believe. This being a time of positive 3 a.m. … Continue reading

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Lake Street Dive

Saw Lake Street Dive last night, courtesy of and with the strong encouragement of Harvey Glatt. Ottawa Jazzfest. Partner says it is the country tinge, mixed with pop, that gives them the potential to hit very, very big. Somebody behind, … Continue reading

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Seems that many want to suggest imperatives for others. You should do this. More than a suggestion. Assumption that the advisor knows better. Same in much religion and much therapy. You should follow this path. Not you may want to … Continue reading

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Savoy Brown: I’m Tired

If I get myself together You’ll have the blues Not me Savoy Brown. 1969 currency, with vocals by original songwriter Chris Youlden: Still playing, with founding member Kim Simmonds.

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Playing for Keeps

Spoke with Michael Toth for the first time in a long time. Has been playing and teaching guitar, as well as performing, since before his early teens. Still doing it. In addition to a career as a high school music … Continue reading

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Guardian of Convenience

Prepared appointment of guardian document for someone leaving the country. Post divorce and custody order, he was leaving to join his new flame in another country. Uncertain when or whether he would be back. Child around 10. Appointing his sister … Continue reading

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Wondering about the balance between reflecting on the past, learning from same and living in the present. Seeing patterns to shortcomings. What is hardwired and what can be changed, if there is a desire for change. Find a number of … Continue reading

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Bus to Pow Wow

Another bus between Montreal and Toronto, early 1990s. Young man talking to friend about attending Pow Wow competition. Following a competitive circuit. Immersed in culture. Support and strength of pride in the generational referents. Thought about how so many social … Continue reading

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Chamberlain Religion

Was speaking with a friend about current situation in Iraq. Thought the Sunni-Shia conflict was similar to “the troubles” in Ireland, between Catholics and Protestants. War of religion. She disagreed. “Religion is being used for another purpose,” she said. She … Continue reading

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