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Municipal Memory, Or Not II

Wrote about some Hellbound Train; continuing concerns about the light rail costs to the City of Ottawa. Came across 2010 Ottawa Sun article by Susan Sherring, in relation to the impending defeat of then Ottawa mayor Larry O’Brien. Particular sentences: … Continue reading

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Wild Dogs Attacking Goats

News this week about Roméo Dallaire resigning from the Senate. Wants to focus on more international matters, such as genocide and child soldiers. Came across this 2001 Ottawa Citizen article that provides explanations, among many: “My soul is still in … Continue reading

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Came across this Ottawa Citizen news story, Saturday, August 11, 2001, p. C1. Special life, far too short: Man killed in accident cherished his 60 huskies Musher was in hurry to tend to dogs when he crashed by Jean-François Bertrand … Continue reading

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It probably doesn’t matter, except when it did

With respect to “Invisible Aboriginals II“, I had wondered about the use of the term “aboriginal” versus “native”. Don’t know which is the correct term, if either or both. Neil Remington Abramson commented as follows (reproduced with permission): Back then … Continue reading

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Poco: Keep On Tryin’

Now there’s only one thing for me to do That’s to keep on tryin’ to get home to you Knew this guy who couldn’t get this song out of his head. “Really should listen to the rest of the album“, … Continue reading

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Invisible Aboriginals II

In relation to “Invisible Aboriginals“, Neil Remington Abramson commented as follows (reproduced with permission): When we were kids in Saskatoon, aboriginals were not only invisible, especially on the East side, they were non-existent in town. Saskatoon was surrounded by reserves, … Continue reading

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“You accept what you deserve”

Was speaking with a friend about the intimate theatre, the empty boundaries. Someone who has experienced her fair share of betrayal and emotional fraud. Someone who never sees herself as a victim. Her comment in relation to those who don’t … Continue reading

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Generational Influence

In “Board Game: First Point“, research is referenced that prejudices in children are formed when very young, contrary to an assumption of innocence and acceptance. Neil Remington Abramson comments as follows (reproduced with permission): When my daughter was about 3 … Continue reading

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KISS: Do You Love Me

All of the fame And the masquerade The impossibility of true emotion, when everything is referenced to the perqs of the image. Lots of contempt: Less contempt, live:

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iFFY: Do You?

I’m falling behind myself When new is old. Listening to one of the “classic pop” radio stations and song comes on that sounds like early 70s chunk chords with the soul voice. Turns out it is from 2011, by iFFY … Continue reading

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