Intimate Theatre

Friend spoke to me about her latest relationship flameout. Can’t really be called a relationship, but seems to be so interpreted, in these times.

He was so tender. Would kiss for an hour, before anything further. So gentle, so good. Then, when it was over, he became cold and silent. Yet he would call the next day; I wasn’t forgotten, and he always asked for a long hug before we parted. Though he didn’t have much to say, before we parted. Now he doesn’t call at all. I don’t know what happened.

Saw the theatre.

Did he ask much about you, what was important to you? No.

When he called the next day, did he talk about the night before? No.

Did he ever ask you to stay? No.

Ah, yes. The next day call being an insurance call, to make sure she wouldn’t give him any trouble. The parting hug being similar insurance. All this “nice guy” gentleness being his own form of theatrical attraction, to distinguish him from the more obvious flash predators. Still all about him, and what he can take. The relationship con.

But he said that he was interested in getting married, to the right person. He was different.

What else is he going to say? I have no interest in marrying anyone and want some fast intimacy with you, with no strings? Honesty would be admirable, but rare, since the dance gets interrupted.

Decades ago, met friend on the street, coming out of a high end clothing store. Buying wedding suit. Congratulated him on marriage to be. He was happy, and relieved. Told me why.

Do you remember those times when, almost the second it is over, you just want her to go away?

Same questions.

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