If they really want you

Remember one of my dissertation advisors speaking about employment futures. “If they really want you, that is rare. Never take those situations for granted.”

Seems applicable to both employment and personal relationships. So often, when people express serious interest, the other becomes coy. Employment opportunity is suddenly not good enough. The person wanting a relationship is suddenly not good enough.

With respect to relationships, have encountered many who say “I never call. He/she must call me.” Set up the coyness. Set up the lack of respect. Not good enough.

Have seen people waiting years for “just the right position” that never comes. Those employers who expressed interest earlier: not good enough.

Almost like expressing “I want you”, in business or relationships, is viewed as cheapening the person so expressing. One is supposedly better than that, waiting for the ideal.

Years later, could be waiting a long time. With no more “If they really want you”. Because it is rare.

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