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Rationalization is easier…

In relation to “Compartments“, Neil Remington Abramson commented as follows (reproduced with permission): My priest argued from the pulpit that the faithful Christian found ways to apply his/her Christian values in all aspects of life. Having tried to do so … Continue reading

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She Leads

Yun Xu commented as follows (reproduced with permission): Watched a documentary about Aung San Suu Kyi’s road to the presidency in Myanmar. She is a strong woman, with her determination to make a big change in Myanmar. China needs someone … Continue reading

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Knew this man who attended fundamentalist Christian services, regularly. He would go from rock and roll over, one night, to Bible study class the next. Knew this woman, who would go from year after year of being the third party … Continue reading

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“He put me on the ceiling”

Following connection that was far from intimate theatre, she was quiet, with eyes clouding over. Starting to speak of the past. He put me on the ceiling. Don’t ask me why or how. And don’t ever try. Being part of … Continue reading

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Rough Trade: All Touch II

It hit me like a knife in the back All touch, all touch But no contact Previously wrote about this Rough Trade song. In terms of the Intimate Theatre that ends with Act 1, seems to get to it:

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Intimate Theatre

Friend spoke to me about her latest relationship flameout. Can’t really be called a relationship, but seems to be so interpreted, in these times. He was so tender. Would kiss for an hour, before anything further. So gentle, so good. … Continue reading

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Met a friend whose mother had just died. He had supported her for many years. One with several siblings; he is the one who supports. Private funeral. Grave set, by him, alone. Look at his hand; bandaged finger. Said he … Continue reading

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Pesky Lawyers

Sent messages to Neil Remington Abramson, as follows: Subject: “Disruptive” lawyers in Egypt …as here. …mass trials, involving pesky lawyers. Practising law in these contexts is, well… To which Neil replied, as follows (reproduced with permission): As for pesky lawyers, … Continue reading

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Paul Stanley: It’s Alright

Preferred them, and him, without the makeup. Found that the music stood up without the flash. As here:

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Criminal Defence Counsel in Egypt II

“How dare you question my authority?” (Judge Saeed Yousssf) said, before ordering the security services to train their guns on the lawyers. Criminal defence counsel in Egypt seem to have a particularly difficult role. Attitudes of some of the judiciary … Continue reading

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