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No Fame Life-Changer

In relation to life-changing events, Neil Remington Abramson commented as follows (reproduced with permission): When some people say “life changing” it seems to mean receiving public recognition – public approval that allows you to continue the path further, with some … Continue reading

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Workplace Social

From an article in Forbes by Jacquelyn Smith, “How much coworker socializing is good for your career?“, published September 24, 2013: Lynn Taylor, a national workplace expert…says most coworkers socialize at some level—but a lot depends on the size of … Continue reading

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Changed my life

Some people can identify particular time, place, person or circumstance that was life-changing. For a number of poets, seems it was the 1963 Vancouver poetry conference, which actually was a three week summer credit course at the University of British … Continue reading

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Come Back Before You Leave II

We’ve had our habits and attitudes, You make me remember the power When everything’s right Have previously written about Roxette, and “Come Back Before You Leave”: Seems like a more general theme. Reconsideration of departure. Seems appropriate to those who … Continue reading

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Wired All Night

You blew a jelly-face joe, Pedro the pimp I’m as hard as a brick, hope I never go limp Is the earthquake shaking, is there gonna be war Tell the national guard to mind the grocery store We’ll be wired … Continue reading

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A crowd of happy people Looking like they never came from here Strange thing, gathering of tribes In 2007, Joel Demski, noted academic in accounting research, questioned whether accounting was an academic discipline. Part of his concern was based on … Continue reading

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Organizational infantry, cavalry

In terms of addressing organizational wars, internal or external, Neil Remington Abramson commented as follows (reproduced with permission): It’s whether you are infantry or cavalry. The former are the ones that lay siege to strong points. The latter ride through … Continue reading

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