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Hedley, Simple Plan, Richard Séguin, Canadien

Listening to Rouge FM. Hedley on; once again, a bilingual song. Hedley with Andrée-Anne Leclerc, “Kiss You Inside Out”: English version: Why can’t French element appear on English radio, given that English element regularly appears on French radio… Simple Plan, … Continue reading

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More Than Choice

In relation to “Some World Reminder”, referencing an earlier period when there was little student choice as to law degree course content, Neil Remington Abramson commented as follows (reproduced with permission): I also had no choices in the MBA and … Continue reading

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Agent Signal

Lots of questions as to how rational people are, when it comes to using financial statements to make investment decisions. Shouldn’t make a difference whether an amount is expensed or capitalized; no economic difference, apart from tax effects. Economic event … Continue reading

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Challenged in The Chaos

Societal focus on the challenged–such as developmentally-challenged or psychiatrically-challenged persons–varies from country to country, and also in terms of the economic and social stabilities of such countries. Often wonder what happens to such persons in times of social upheaval. Remember … Continue reading

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Accounting Information Utility and Contagion Effects

When there is a run at a stock market, it doesn’t seem to be due to accounting information. The lack of market confidence seems to be for other reasons. When Nortel stock first started to shake downwards, accounting disclosures served … Continue reading

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Shot Away: Merry Clayton

How it came about, with Merry Clayton imprint: Original: No lift without Merry Clayton: Lisa Fischer continuation: More to the speed: Some riff and image: Or I’m gonna fade away

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Handsome Ned

Handsome Ned (1957-1987). Not around that long: heroin overdose in 1987, after a music run of five years or so. Retrospective short by his brother: Larger retrospective, somewhere, sometime.

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So he works in Edmonton and lives in Calgary. For some reason, the employer is to pay for his choice as to where to live: Redford aide racks up $9,000 in bills staying in one of Edmonton’s most expensive hotels … Continue reading

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Another Democracy

So the calls again. Leader must go. Thought there had been election. Monitored for fairness by the very countries from which there are now calls for leader to step down. The pushout through sanctions. Statues with some statement against dark … Continue reading

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Stroke and Bomb

Friend speaking about how she couldn’t predict her husband’s emotions, and how hard things were becoming. One day all friendly, the next day full of dark moods, regularly blaming her for same. Pressures pressures, dontcha know, cantcha know; it’s your … Continue reading

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