No Blur

He looked over, very drunk, and expelled: “You, I’d always trust with the trust funds”.

End of third year law school, 1976. At the lower bar of the Albion Hotel, across from the Carleton County courthouse building, as it then was.

Surprised. Didn’t know exactly what prompted this. Maybe it was the take-home exam in Commercial Law, where “take home” was interpreted by a number of later leading lights as meaning “permitted to do it in groups”. The group-based submissions (yes, individual exam submissions, but generated by a group) ended up with A grades, while those who thought “take home” meant “honour code as to personal work”, some of whom became similarly leading lights, received C-range grades. Was one of the latter, though there were many others, if not the class majority.

Nonetheless, one of the major measures of law school success being to be drunkenly identified as honest. Reputation. No blur.

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