One Minute With David Essig

…where David Essig illustrates some 45 years of experience:

On his own, and having produced some 60 or so albums for others.

Why do so many contributing so much to Canadian music seem to miss most of the honours lists? (Where is the “Order of…”)

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1 Response to One Minute With David Essig

  1. On January 28, 2014, William Hawkins commented as follows (email correspondence reproduced with permission):

    I met Essig at Richard Thomas’ place, outside Kearney, ON. Essig is a brilliant guitar picker. The Order of Pickers, maybe.

    On another note, Richard Thomas was a broadcaster with an amazing voice. He made commercials (voice over). I guess you would have heard him on Canadian Tire & many others. He built a sound studio outside Kearney, and Essig recorded there, with Richard as engineer. Richard died in a car crash on Highway 11, in 2006.

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