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No Blur

He looked over, very drunk, and expelled: “You, I’d always trust with the trust funds”. End of third year law school, 1976. At the lower bar of the Albion Hotel, across from the Carleton County courthouse building, as it then … Continue reading

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Wendy O. Williams: Flamed

Can’t kill what you don’t understand Wendy O. Williams (1949-1998). Exit by choice. Profile video: It’s My Life: The original video: KISS original: 1985 Concert Video: Choosing to take it all away.

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Bright Lines and The Ethically Stressed

With respect to accounting standards, there is a debate concerning the extent to which there should be “bright lines”, restricting judgement, and the extent to which professional judgement should largely dominate, within the boundaries of broader principles. “Bright lines” is … Continue reading

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Hatred is the only thing that keeps us together

Ray Davies and Dave Davies. Fraternal tensions in The Kinks, long before the Gallagher brothers of Oasis: At least you and I know where we stand Hate’s the only thing we have in common Hatred is the only thing that … Continue reading

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C’est En Face, Ou…

Something about Montreal. Grabs you in the move. Says you better get it. Remember being very much affected when first seeing Réjeanne Padovani in the 1970s. How some guy ends up as part of the pavement, when building the Montreal … Continue reading

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One Minute With David Essig

…where David Essig illustrates some 45 years of experience: On his own, and having produced some 60 or so albums for others. Why do so many contributing so much to Canadian music seem to miss most of the honours lists? … Continue reading

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No Medical; Moral Hazard

Going through material for Accounting Theory class. Always getting something new on the reread, irrespective of number of times article used previously. Concept of “moral hazard”, as discussed by Daniel B. Thornton in a 1984 article on Agency Theory (“Agency … Continue reading

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Carmen Ejogo: Kidnapped and

…maybe not enough. Carmen Ejogo. Such a smooth, intelligent actress, in terms of her Kidnapped character, known as Turner: And where all one can get, so far, is a slideshow, if one doesn’t want to watch a complete episode: Can’t … Continue reading

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Love and War: Well-Dressed Victors

Came across this film about how German soldiers in World War II France became acceptable social companions and regarded as great “contributors” to wartime France, including order in bordellos, among other matters. Romance with the victor: Amour et Sexe Sous … Continue reading

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Partner refers to mixed-race children, with admiration, as “hybrids”. Particularly if a mix of Asian and Caucasian. Big eyes on Asian face: absolute beauty, to her eye. My mother opposed mixed-race relationships, due to mixed-race children. Couldn’t quite figure this … Continue reading

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