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Journalist Art

Neil Davis, photojournalist. Killed 1985, age 51. Books, music and art lasting forever. Something written, recorded or drawn a century ago still being of interest. If short stories, are often collected, annotated. Somehow not so with journalist columns, or journalist … Continue reading

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Socratic Palestine

Came across this column, “A Palestine by any other name”, by A. Trevor Hodge (1930-2012), then a retired Professor of Classics of Carleton University. Published in the “Argument & Observation” page of the Ottawa Citizen, May 4, 1999, p. A17. … Continue reading

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+44, +13

Neil Remington Abramson, age 60, has had two near-death experiences: one at the age of 16, and one at the age of 47. Both have framed current views of…where to go, or not go, now. His recollections are reproduced with … Continue reading

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Came across this Ottawa Citizen article from July 1, 2003, concerning the funeral of Neda Hassani at Pinecrest Cemetery, in Ottawa. Wanted to write about her, find out what had happened, over ten years later. Then found that she had … Continue reading

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Some Lights Out

This is still the South; we love the Lord down here. Pastor Jerel Keene, Louisiana Church All Saints Church, Anglican, now relocated, after 200 years, to a Baptist congregation in Louisiana, from Granville Centre, Nova Scotia. At least it will … Continue reading

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Dark Positives

Well, it’s not enough to live If you’re gonna take, then you have to give Song written by the late Pete Ham (d. 1975); performed by Badfinger: Where clouds don’t go.

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John Fahey: The New Possibility

Title says much. 1968 acoustic Christmas album by the late John Fahey, recorded when he was 29. For those with some sideways at the seasonal time, this seems to get it back to something intended: Maybe brings some out from … Continue reading

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Thought of

Remember envelope in the mail. Fall, 1971. Single ticket to Laura Nyro concert at Massey Hall, Toronto. Wanted to be there, but questionable money. Person knew, bought and sent ticket; short note. Somebody thinking of somebody else at a particular … Continue reading

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Something Blue and White

I like many of the images that Neil Remington Abramson comes up with. Here is one, taken from his house, in Lions Bay, British Columbia, being the third time in three years that snow has shown up. A bit different … Continue reading

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Sarajevo: Memory Blur

Sarajevo now: Sarajevo then, 1992-1996: Or here: And the confusions: Then, now and then…

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