Silverlake Life: What Is The Question

Silverlake Life. Mark Massi on the left. Tom Joslin on the right. 1993 film about partners, both of whom are dying of AIDS. The significance of immediate acceptance by attending police officer, following the death of Tom Joslin, when Mark Massi responds “I am” to the question: “Who is the next of kin?”.

Mark Massi having taken all this film of death. Filmed by Peter Friedman, filming Mark Massi filming Tom Joslin. Though neither Friedman nor Massi could film much of the last 24 hours of Tom Joslin’s death. Mark Massi, as next of kin to Tom Joslin, died after placing into the hands of others that which had been filmed. And which became Silverlake Life. Plus much more film, hopefully one day to be released.

When they were healthy:

Never hear the bells:


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2 Responses to Silverlake Life: What Is The Question

  1. I had two cousins, brothers, both younger than I. Both died of AIDS, at least 30 years ago. They must have been in the first wave.

    When you read that only a few sex partners can make the whole world your bed partner, it seems that only luck separates us from them.

  2. On November 22, 2013, Neil Remington Abramson commented further, as follows (email correspondence reproduced with permission):

    I think they were, at oldest, early 20s. It might have been 35 years ago. I lose count easily, I think.

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