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Moral to Legal

Have written about how estate plans can be challenged by dependent adult children. In Ontario, this is based on factual dependency being established. In particular, that parents continued to support an adult child in a manner where his or her … Continue reading

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Jolly, Jolly

Was at Ottawa City Hall Government Service Centre–all levels of government represented. Open office concept. Looking around; lots of Christmas garlands and little Christmas trees. Lots of Christmas Christmas. Have had various difficulties at Christmas, but still nominally in the … Continue reading

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United Front

Used to teach as the instructor of one class in multi-section courses, particularly at Concordia University (the John Molson School of Business, as it then was not known), where the class sizes were smaller (40 to 50, at most) and … Continue reading

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Some Parsing

Maybe seems so small. Have written about how International Financial Accounting Standards are supposed so be so principles-based, compare to the supposedly inferior “rules-base” accounting standards in the United States. Have argued that it is a matter of application, rather … Continue reading

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Richard T. Bear

Rough clip: Better version, 1979: Trying and failing to reconstitute, 1986: Otherwise known as Richard Gerstein. Also known to associate with John Belushi in messing up on cocaine. Also worked with KISS. Commencement of acting career on Miami Vice. Later … Continue reading

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John Witmer III

Have written about the late Canadian blues singer John Witmer here, and Gerry Wand has written about him here. His legacy is preserved by Larry Smith, bass player and producer, who was in two bands with John Witmer and who … Continue reading

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Locomotive Breath

In the shuffling madness Of the locomotive breath Runs the all-time loser Headlong to his death The train won’t stop going No way to slow down Jethro Tull song, 1971: Still covered decades later: Sentiments never dated: He hears the … Continue reading

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When you hear the scratch of the guitars scratchin’ Then you’ll know that rhythm carries all the action, woah In a local grocery store, part of a chain, where most of the patrons have other than North American referents. Where … Continue reading

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Silverlake Life: What Is The Question

Silverlake Life. Mark Massi on the left. Tom Joslin on the right. 1993 film about partners, both of whom are dying of AIDS. The significance of immediate acceptance by attending police officer, following the death of Tom Joslin, when Mark … Continue reading

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Syndicate of Sound: Little Girl

You went out on me So other girls did it too Considered to be a garage band classic, from 1966, by Syndicate of Sound. Was always impressed with the drumming, by John Duckworth: Lip-synched version, on the pier: Somebody else … Continue reading

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