No Merit Award

This week, for a second consecutive year, the Mo Ibrahim Foundation’s committee of eminent persons resolved there was no African leader deemed worthy of the $5 million (R49m) Ibrahim Prize for Achievement in African Leadership. It is the fourth time there has been no winner in its seven-year history.

As reported by Thebe Ikalafeng, Ibrahim no award for African Leadership, The Sunday Independent (South Africa), October 20, 2013.

Mixed sentiments in relation to the news. Major award of $5 million, plus $200,000 to the leader for life, plus $200,000 for his or her favourite charity. Change qualifications for the award?

Large scale to very small scale. Was member of the Awards Committee at a university business school. Trust had been left to the school, to fund particular award. Award apparently not that well publicised, since very few student applicants. All marginal and unqualified, either in terms of spirit or letter of the award. Voted against granting the award that year. Minority view. Recollection is that the award still given, due to majority sentiment. Sentiment based on money is here, we must give it out.

Never even thought.

Admire the Mo Ibrahim Foundation Award.

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1 Response to No Merit Award

  1. I can’t think of a single world leader for whom I would vote a prize of $5 million for achievement in leadership. Maybe Pope Francis, for really trying to help? Maybe Xi Jinping, for really going after corruption? Yet these are new leaders, and maybe we should wait to see how they play out. Similar to how the Nobel people should have waited on Mr Obama, who was very lucky to get the Nobel Peace Prize, because his track record hadn’t been established yet. I wonder if he’d win now.

    What are the criteria by which “achievement” is assessed? And could we ask the same for the term “leadership?”

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