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Employers and Downturns II

Wrote about mass layoffs in the accounting profession. At the time, we looked with envy at what was happening in the legal profession. Since most firm growth was through the hiring back of students, once professionally qualified, it seemed that … Continue reading

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Gone Dead Train

Randy Newman original, from the 1970 Performance soundtrack, with the richness of Ry Cooder: Nazareth cover: Nazareth cover live: George Thorogood: Izzy Stradlin: Nobody seems to be able to match Randy Newman, with Ry Cooder.

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There’s no way out of here When you come in You’re in for good She wanted to see me for career advice. We had met at an outreach function for our respective professions. Wanted to meet me later. Said she … Continue reading

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Cleaning Staff, As Staff

Spent eleven years working on Parliament Hill. During this time, got used to the fact that cleaning staff would come around during the day. All employees of the House of Commons. All with career orientations. All part of the organizational … Continue reading

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What La Grange does…

I don’t want to be one of those people who stay on side streets I hear it’s tight Most every night But now I might be mistaken “La Grange”. Song by ZZ Top. Lyrics concerning a Texas bordello, though it’s … Continue reading

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Employers and Downturns

In 1982, wrote and passed the Uniform Final Examinations, now known as the Uniform Evaluation, to become a Chartered Accountant, now known as a Chartered Professional Accountant.. No confusion. No job; laid off. At the School of Accountancy, run by … Continue reading

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Greenbelt IV: Call Bono

An old friend has previously written about Depeche Mode attending and U2 and Bruce Cockburn performing at the Greenbelt Music Festival. Here he writes about a later U2 connection to the festival: The shadow of U2 has hovered over the … Continue reading

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No Merit Award

This week, for a second consecutive year, the Mo Ibrahim Foundation’s committee of eminent persons resolved there was no African leader deemed worthy of the $5 million (R49m) Ibrahim Prize for Achievement in African Leadership. It is the fourth time … Continue reading

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Frankie Miller: Dead Flowers

Have referenced Frankie Miller here and here. And here, from 1991, before his 1994 stroke, at the age of 45: Rolling Stones, with a 1972 version of the original (theirs): Sounds a bit pale, in comparison. And, in terms of … Continue reading

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Lightbody III: Chess

I don’t want to promote this goddamn game. Chess is basically a search for truth, right? Referenced an article on Charles Wayland Lightbody, a well-known and sometimes revered history professor at the University of Saskatchewan. Neil Remington Abramson, also a … Continue reading

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