Law School Access: Part-Time

Charlie I nearly went crazy
Everyone I used to know
Is either dead or in prison

Charlie I think I’m happy

Need to borrow money
Pay this lawyer

Was at a reception and met someone who surprised, when mentioning that she had studied law in Canada as a part-time student. Heresy; not possible.

General model that law students were, and are, compelled to study full-time. At one time also prohibited from accepting any outside employment. Had to agree to this, when commencing as law student.

She was a mature student. Had been accepted to four Canadian law schools. Came from poor family. Condition of acceptance of admission, as stipulated by her, was that she be permitted to study law part-time. One law school agreed.

Took her five years, instead of three, to complete the law degree.

Part-time legal studies common in the United States. Not so in Canada. With all the premium fees permitted to be charged to become a lawyer now, impoverished student has no chance. Tilt to sons and daughters of the rich. Not always this way.

So much talk about access to justice. So much money and time to help the self-represented litigant, which is money away from somebody trying to make a living as a lawyer. Been waiting in the line, as a lawyer of paying client, waiting long and long for the clerk to explain the divorce drill to some self-represented. Why pay, when shower of free, taxpayer-funded assistance is available…

Little talk about access to law school, by those of modest financial backgrounds, with no claim to preferences.

Gotta pay this lawyer:

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