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John Cheever: Stories

The Stories of John Cheever released 1978; paperback edition 1980. Became regular gift to give over the next couple of years. Insights into a particular time, as John Cheever introduces the collection personally: These stories seem at times to be … Continue reading

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When Evil Gets In

Rough thoughts on some recent news events. Islamic terrorists shooting up the mall in Kenya, killing and wounding many. Islamic terrorists shooting up the school in Nigeria, killing and wounding many. Islamic terrorists bombing a Christian church in Pakistan, killing … Continue reading

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Law School Access: Part-Time

Charlie I nearly went crazy Everyone I used to know Is either dead or in prison Charlie I think I’m happy Need to borrow money Pay this lawyer Was at a reception and met someone who surprised, when mentioning that … Continue reading

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Eat My Brain

I don’t need to deceive you Cause I feel no pain Maybe I should let you Come on and eat my brain Neil Remington Abramson referred me to the following article, commenting as follows: This could explain a lot of … Continue reading

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Raymond May: Current Whereabouts Unknown

I made you cry I guess I’m not A romantic guy Another cassette gem. Raymond May, Unadulterated Addiction. Don’t know when purchased, or why. 1988 release. Wanted to find out more about him. Entry in Canadian Pop Encyclopedia, from 2004, … Continue reading

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Evening Reading

Many people will recall particularly distinguishing characteristics of parents. Grew up with image of my father watching the hockey game on television, while reading the Income Tax Act at the same time. Rulings Officer in the tax department, as it … Continue reading

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Found this news story from 1998. Five years dead next door, and nobody notices. Christmas lights continuing to flash: Corpse watched TV for 5 years Imre Karacs in Bonn Friday, 20 November 1998 For five years little notices have been … Continue reading

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Name Isn’t Smith

In relation to “Anti-Semitism in 1960s Saskatoon” and related articles, Neil Remington Abramson commented as follows (e-mail correspondence reproduced with permission): There has been a history of anti-semitism in Canada. When I was a kid, Jewish friends of my parents … Continue reading

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Mark-Almond: The City

Mark-Almond, 1971. Elements of Mose Allison and Ben Sidran. Live, from a reformed configuration, around 1980: More live: And still more live: One of the first to mix jazz with pop.

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High Holidays: Take 2

There is no life I know To compare with Pure imagination Wrote about the police around the synagogue. Thought it reflected concerns about threats, grounded in anti-semitism. Former police officer advised that he had done this tour, but not as … Continue reading

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