No Boat From Lebanon

I’m afraid that when the schools open in September, the refugees will be thrown to the streets.

News about all the refugees from Syria. Thought most had gone to Jordan. Wrong, wrong. All neighbouring countries taking in refugees, though the foreign aid for same seems to be focused on where there are camps. Lebanon’s population has increased by one third, and there are no camps. Lebanese government will not build them. People settling in abandoned buildings, under bridges, anywhere.

Remember the Vietnamese boat people from 1979, in particular, coming to Canada. So many opening up homes to help. Fleeing the border war with China, plus the Communist regime generally. Ending up locked up in Hong Kong, and forcibly sent back. Many taken in by Canada and the United States.

Canada has longstanding ties with Lebanon. Many in Lebanon and Canada with dual citizenship. Lots of coastline, from which to evacuate.

Suggested Canadian ghost town refurbishment and settlement. Could be resettlement to smaller, economically depressed Canadian communities. Keeping the aid money in Canada, while helping so many from afar. Maybe just taking people in, in whatever capacity.

In Canada, nobody needing to settle under a bridge.


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