Gift of The Terminal II

I don’t want a stormy affair
To make me feel
My life is heading somewhere

I don’t want pity
Just a safe place to hide

Earlier wrote about how much certain people are able to produce, when they know they are dying. Referenced Marjorie Nichols, Patrick Swayze and Freddie Mercury, as examples. Found more on Freddie Mercury, in relation to his last days, pushing to record as much as possible. So driven as to ask bandmates to simply give him a line, not necessarily from a completed song, that he could sing, and which might be used later:

All of which resulted in a powerful posthumous album, Made in Heaven, released in 1995, four years after his death.

And where the last recording of his voice, when he became too sick to continue singing anymore, is “Mother Love“:

Patrick Swayze in The Beast, when the story starts to become clear, but then production shuts down because he is too sick to continue. You can see it in his face:

Series ended, without resolution, despite the potential for story line continuance, via Swayze onscreen partner, played by Travis Fimmel.

Queen continued, with Paul Rodgers.

Marjorie Nichols is left with a legacy of her autobiography, where no one has yet published a collection of her columns and other writing.

Since they worked so hard to get so much out before passing, perpetuation of legacy is to be preferred, if not an imperative of sorts.


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One Response to Gift of The Terminal II

  1. Gerry Wand says:

    Words of advice from drum great Larrie Londin to a bunch of wide-eyed, up and coming Canadian recording artists: ” Play the song as if it was the last song you’ll ever play.”

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