Ferry to Texada 2013
Photograph by Neil Remington Abramson

My friend, Neil Remington Abramson, commented as follows (e-mail correspondence and photos reproduced with permission):

On the way to Texada. This is taken from the ferry window. Pretty different from Saskatchewan, or Southern Ontario. I wonder if I would be happy living there, after here. Probably. I sure thought Billings, Montana was nice, when I was there for a wedding, a few years ago. I guess I must be a flatlander at heart.

See how this picture along the Bow River in Calgary is a confirmation, of sorts. I took a number of these. They reminded me of when I used to walk and bike along the South Saskatchewan River, beside the University of Saskatchewan. For me, it’s as pretty and desirable as the islands and the sea where I live these days.


Bow River, Calgary
Photograph by Neil Remington Abramson

Odd that neither you nor I have pictures of Saskatchewan flatlands from our childhood.

The sky is much bigger and more expressive in Saskatchewan, and human constructions insignificant. I remember the telephone poles running down the highway: toothpicks fading into splinters.

When I was a grad student at Western in about ’76, there were two of us from Saskatchewan, and two from New York City, among others. Those from Saskatchewan felt that the big green-black leafed maples obscured the sky, and everything felt constrained. The New Yorkers felt everything was so wide open; with the sky so accessible.

I am over such feelings, after 26 years ex-Saskatchewan. But sometimes I wish the B.C. mountains could get out of the way.


Saskatchewan Flatlands
Photograph by Erin Chamberlin


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