The Fortune Teller

A friend referred me to this 2010 film, profiling the lives of the physically and intellectually challenged in China:

Well worth a couple of hours of time and reflection. How a physically-disabled man makes a meager living as a fortune teller. Marries a developmentally-challenged woman, to give her a better life, having learned of the abuse she suffers in her family. How they embrace life, combat life, are beaten by life, defy life.

The adage that a society is measured by how it treats its weakest members…

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1 Response to The Fortune Teller

  1. It’s surprising. On my trips to China, there didn’t seem much compassion for the disabled. I have read that disabled former soldiers are not welcomed back and little allowance is made to facilitate their limited abilities. My Chinese co-researcher used to say this was an aspect of Chinese culture – lack of compassion – that needed to be addressed and rectified.

    So, here is a start! It’s not that I am surprised it would be shown. It’s that I am pleased that there is enough interest. Maybe attitudes are changing, as the majority don’t have to worry about basic survival. China is a richer society. Maybe they can afford compassion more than in the past, including the recent past.

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