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Julia Roberts, Brad Pitt: Blameshifter

Don’t diminish my needs You’re missing the grand design here From The Mexican (2001). Screenplay by Canadian Joel “J.H.” Wyman. Very powerful scene about relationship discord: ___________________________________________________________ Postscript, August 31, 2013: How particular events stay in memory, and repeat. Wrote … Continue reading

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No Boat From Lebanon

I’m afraid that when the schools open in September, the refugees will be thrown to the streets. News about all the refugees from Syria. Thought most had gone to Jordan. Wrong, wrong. All neighbouring countries taking in refugees, though the … Continue reading

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Just Strong Enough to Avoid Being Ridiculed

Neil Remington Abramson commented as follows (e-mail correspondence reproduced with permission): Last week, Obama said he needed UN support for intervention, and he wanted to consult with the US Congress. Today, the LA Times reports, via Kathleen Hennessey, Michael A. … Continue reading

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Thin Line

Sometimes in my bed at night I curse the dark and a pray for light And sometimes, the light’s no consolation It’s over now or so they say Well, sometimes, it don’t turn out that way ‘Cause you’re never the … Continue reading

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Looks Too Good

From an e-mail exchange with Maggie Keith (reproduced with permission): Bruce: Entered law school in 1973. Lost most of my friends, who were still fogged from the 1960s. No one congratulated me on my admission. No ambition. Always tenants. Many … Continue reading

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Gift of The Terminal II

I don’t want a stormy affair To make me feel My life is heading somewhere I don’t want pity Just a safe place to hide Earlier wrote about how much certain people are able to produce, when they know they … Continue reading

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Forced Exit

Thought there was one more year at the business school of Wilfrid Laurier University. Had been there 1992-1994; thought there would be 1994-1995. Not to be. Accounting Area recommended renewal. Approval by Faculty Council seemed to be a formality, respecting … Continue reading

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Dusty Springfield: In Private

What you gonna do Say you were never in love That you can’t remember Later Dusty Springfield, where the lyrics mirror the life: Produced by the Pet Shop Boys, who also wrote the song. From the Reputation album (1990). Turns … Continue reading

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In relation to “Rex Humbard: Holy Ghost Dispensation“, Neil Remington Abramson commented as follows (reproduced with permission): There was a 2011 Vancouver Sun article referencing Billy Graham, discussing how one third of Americans believed that Billy Graham delivered the Sermon … Continue reading

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Eagle vs. Shark

I have two things to say: One: I’m leaving tomorrow. Two: That could change. Eagle vs. Shark. 2007 film from New Zealand. Starring Jemaine Clement, whom I know from Flight of The Conchords, and Loren Horsley. Clement and Mick Jagger … Continue reading

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