Mitch Ryder, Jim McCarty, Cactus

The connection between Mitch Ryder and the band Cactus is guitarist Jim McCarty. Saw Cactus in Toronto, 1972, at Massey Hall, opening for Procol Harum. Show stopped for a bit, when bassist Tim Bogert announced that he had blown his amp. Another major dimension of the band being drummer Carmine Appice. Both Bogert and Appice having being founding members of Vanilla Fudge.

Cactus full concert, 2006/2007:

Jim McCarty and Mitch Ryder, 1966:

Jim McCarty, 2009, in Mitch Ryder tradition:

At Ottawa Bluesfest, July 14, 2013, Cactus is on a particular stage, followed by Mitch Ryder, closing the evening. Wondering if Jim McCarty and Mitch Ryder will use the occasion to play together again, with nearly fifty year connection.
Postscript, July 13, 2013: A collection of film clips of Mitch Ryder, then and now, plus some comments on Mitch Ryder history from Gerry Wand, may be found here.

Postscript, July 16, 2013: Didn’t happen.

Postscript, September 10, 2015: Well, somebody didn’t want the full concert up. Some extracts permitted:

And here:


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