Runaway: Short Cut

Picked up Runaway television series, discounted. Then checked out the series and found out why. 2006 television series, cancelled after three episodes, the last one shown being this one, extracted:

Fugitive-like story, in terms of Donnie Wahlberg, playing a highly successful lawyer, being wrongfully accused and taking his family on the run. DVD set has the nine episodes produced, relative to thirteen originally ordered.

A series where one wishes it had been given more time, particularly since six more episodes were ready to air at the time of the decision to cancel. Lots of interesting family dynamics in relation to moving to a small town from the upscale background previously enjoyed. Had no idea how good Donnie Wahlberg is as an actor. Subtleties in performance throughout. Leslie Hope as the (perfectly) wronged spouse, who later demonstrates how wronged. The three children, played by Dustin Milligan, Sarah Ramos and Nathan Gamble all have strong story subtexts.

No time to create a following.

Maybe not. Full series has now played in Latin America, Spain, Portugal, France, Belgium, Poland, Hungary and Slovakia, as recently as 2010. So maybe they appreciate what North America missed, first time around.

Gave it time.

Postscript, November 14, 2015: Everything goes up and down on YouTube, and then sometimes up again, as here:


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