Most Promising Designer II

Wrote about the Richard Robinson Grande Premiere and the Most Promising Designer award to Leila Nahvi. Turns out, from correspondence with the Richard Robinson Fashion Academy, that the image used (with permission) to illustrate the latter is of another designer. Have to leave that image up, since it captures so much of what happened that evening.

Here is example of what Leila Nahvi sees:


Leila Nahvi Design
Photo by Neil Robertson
Reproduced with permission

Also turns out that, in keeping with the powerful and beautiful bilingual nature that is Canada, one can study at the Richard Robinson Fashion Academy in either Official Language of the country. Leila Nahvi’s award is referenced to her English cohort. The Most Promising Designer award in the French cohort was awarded to Sheila Nalunkuuma, as represented by this dress, worn by Model of The Year Melissa Brousseau:


Sheila Nalunkuuma Design
Worn by Melissa Brousseau
Model of The Year
Photo by Neil Robertson
Reproduced with permission

Richard Robinson was so very generous in showcasing in students, in addition to his own collection. Three hours of absolute marvel. Now, in terms of that earlier dress…

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2 Responses to Most Promising Designer II

  1. Didn’t models once smile? What are the facial expressions of these women intended to convey? The first looks assertive, the second looks introspective. But about what?

  2. On May 26, 2013, Neil Remington Abramson commented further, as follows (e-mail correspondence reproduced with permission):

    I tend to look at the faces, hoping to catch a glimpse of the spirit and intentionality within. I assume models must be like actors, intended and intending to convey something beyond the simple enframing of the garb. These expressions must mean something.

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