Dandelion III

Dandelions 2013

Last year, wrote about civic and regional policies to do little about dandelions, other then to let them grow and destroy the grass, and then to pay public money to put down new sod. Also see the same thing this summer as last, with neighbours simply giving up on lawns, letting them become overrun with weeds, with dandelions in the lead.

Drove past one of my former schools–Featherston Park Public School, now known as Featherston Drive Public School. Attended for two months in 1966, in the midst of the accelerations. Pictured above.

Thought about what lessons learned by younger people, with grounds overrun with weeds, and turning rock hard from lack of moisture. What about school project to at least remove the dandelion flowers, so they won’t spread further? Classes adopting a particular section of the yard, to weed and seed? Lessons in land aeration?

Just letting things go doesn’t seem particularly constructive, for anyone.

Postscript, May 24, 2013: Sent link to the article to the principal of Featherston Drive Public School. No reply. Drove past today, to find lawn mowed, though not much else changed. Dandelion plants and seeds everywhere. Seems that it will take a major injury to a child, on rock hard ground, before…

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