Watched one of the so many Hitler biographies. Didn’t appreciate that, by the time he came to power, in 1933, he had been anti-semitic for roughly twenty years. Since after, or during, World War I. Repetition.

Thinking about reading an article as to how Syria was/is institutionally anti-semitic. Acceptable in popular newspapers to speak of “the Zionists and the Americans”, over and over. Repetition.

Thinking about how evangelical Christians and orthodox Muslims refer to “God”, over and over. Repetition.

Wondering if repetition represents an essential weakness in perspective.

Other than in music:

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    Merry Go Round
    Newcastle Upon Tyne

    It is an indictment of humanity’s incapacity to learn from its mistakes. We fail to learn, because the merry-go-round is perceived as different in some essential way each time it comes around. We are flying with it, up and down, round and round. There is a constant variety perceived in its sameness. No sense of current danger associated with any past turn.

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