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Heart and Dental

It happened again. Another client dying of a heart attack, in early 50s, a day following dental work. See so many people rushing back to work after visit to the dentist, instead of appreciating any necessary recovery time, as would … Continue reading

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Elton John, Dixie Cups: Chapel of Love

And we’ll never be lonely anymore Have written about how movie soundtracks often contain song gems. Songs specifically for the soundtrack, rather than simply a series of greatest hits from somewhere. Where specific soundtrack scores seem to be increasingly rare. … Continue reading

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Reliable Sign of Devotion

Failed to make convincing points about repetitive religious practices, conversions and going through the motions, where the substance gets missed. A reaction of being particularly unimpressed. Neil Remington Abramson commented on the issue(s), as follows (reproduced with permission): I wonder … Continue reading

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Critique: Moderate Conversion…

Wrote about what seemed to be the dangers of repetitious rituals. Tried to tie into conversion zeal. Should have appreciated different perspectives, such as here and here. Lorne, not particularly impressed, commented as follows (reproduced with permission): Certainly adult converts … Continue reading

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Tasmin Archer: In Your Care

Son of a bitch You broke my heart How could you let me down When I’m in your care Never threw out the cassettes. Still have the player, and still buy them at thrift stores. Going through them, to sort … Continue reading

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Moderate Conversion…

Hear from time to time about how someone converts to a religion, and then becomes more orthodox than the “born into” adherents. Can’t readily find specific research findings here. Instead, find research references that Evangelical Christians are more devout than … Continue reading

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Most Promising Designer II

Wrote about the Richard Robinson Grande Premiere and the Most Promising Designer award to Leila Nahvi. Turns out, from correspondence with the Richard Robinson Fashion Academy, that the image used (with permission) to illustrate the latter is of another designer. … Continue reading

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Wrote about arrest for marijuana possession, 1969. Third page news. Possibility of three months jail. Sixteen years old. Maybe no big deal, now. Very big deal, then. Trial was before Mr. Justice Roy. Don’t know which one. If it was … Continue reading

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Dandelion III

Last year, wrote about civic and regional policies to do little about dandelions, other then to let them grow and destroy the grass, and then to pay public money to put down new sod. Also see the same thing this … Continue reading

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Runway II: Most Promising Designer

Wrote about the Richard Robinson Grand Première. First runway show attended. Wish I had started going to these forty years ago. So much artistry. Two sets out there, so far, of superior photographs from the show. One set by Neil … Continue reading

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