Advantaged Reversal

I’m going to get up
And make my life shine

During his working career, my father was demoted twice. In the federal civil service, no less. The first time was the promotion that took the family to Saskatoon, and nearly took him out. The second time was following a transfer back to Ottawa, from where he had initially been promoted to Saskatoon. Demoted again. Didn’t have the supervisory package. Couldn’t read social cues in office settings, if not generally; trait passed from father to son. Thought he was still one of the crew, with related socializations and gossip. Ended up as superior gossiping about his subordinates. Time to go down. Again.

Disappointed mother. To be most euphemistic. This was the time when women built their futures through supportive roles to husbands. True partnership of encouragement and support and then…setback. Lots of loss of respect. Respect coming back with his reactions to and support during her cancer. Career setbacks secondary, when realizing that emotions were true.

He ended up in a line position in the then tax department. Thought about tax day and night. Would watch the hockey games while reading the Income Tax Act. Rulings Officer. Intellectually challenged, long beyond the 8:30 start time. Very satisfied with his later career. No supervisory problems, because he wasn’t one. Had some problems with supervisors wanting him out to pasture at 60. Intervention of sorts, and then he was left alone, to retire at 72 and die at 73.

Demotion was the best that ever happened. Too bad for others who, in current times, can’t get demoted to where their strengths always were.


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