Started; Very Much Continued

MonkeyJunk, playing on a larger stage:

And on another larger stage:

On April 2, following a decision made earlier that morning and an announcement on Facebook, they appeared at Irene’s Pub in Ottawa, where things had started for them, five years earlier. Spur of the moment anniversary celebration. Very much smaller stage. No cover. Pay what you can; money in a jar. CDs available, if you want something tangible.

Lots of devoted fans, in a small club. Second time seeing them. First time, on a much larger stage, at the 2012 Juno Banquet, where they closed the night, having been awarded the Juno for Best Blues Album of The Year, for To Behold:

Went by Irene’s after the 2012 Juno banquet. Steve Marriner on the street in front of Irene’s; after all the success and the larger stage, they went back to where it started.

Just like they did on April 2, 2013. A refreshing humility, in remembering and respecting the beginnings.


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One Response to Started; Very Much Continued

  1. Gerry Wand says:

    What a great, tight band! Such a big sound, for just three players.

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