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Another Brother

Without my audience I’m a dead man I need my audience My audience doesn’t need me I have the right To let that rejection Break my heart Livingston Taylor, brother of James. Somebody has posted his three first albums, 1970-1973: … Continue reading

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Neil Remington Abramson referred me to this article, relating to the medical costs of terrorism and also raising the issue as to how costs are addressed for those who are uninsured or underinsured, medically, in the United States. Seems to … Continue reading

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…But You Stayed Away

In relation to concerns about the building collapse in Bangladesh, killing so many garment workers (estimated at 1,000, or more), Neil Remington Abramson commented as follows (reproduced with permission): Isn’t it always a surprise to an multinational enterprise that, even … Continue reading

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Could Have Been There

An updated news release, April 26, 2013: April 26, 2013 Update: Statement concerning Bangladesh Building Collapse 04/26/2013 We continue to express our condolences to those affected in Savar, Bangladesh and we are deeply saddened by this tragedy. Our priorities are … Continue reading

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Blood as Paint

That’s what their mother said: Seems that inability to accept the fact of the horror results in fantastical denial. Psychological survival technique shared by many; forget or reframe the negatives. Acceptance of horrendous truths necessitating acceptance that life isn’t what … Continue reading

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Something From Everything

Friend knew that I liked stuffed grape leaves. Always from the can. Filled with rice; lots of vinegar. Asked me one day if I wanted one of hers. No, it’s OK; full. My mother made them. Well, if your mother … Continue reading

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Dave Stewart, Mick Jagger: Old Habits Die Hard

I thought I shook myself free You see I bounce back quicker than most Old habits die hard Old soldiers just fade away Old habits die hard Hard enough to feel the pain So many positive surprises in movie soundtracks. … Continue reading

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Class to Inequity

Made me wonder Whether everything Was still arranged The way it used to be Everything may be the same As it was But I will never be The same as I was I’ve got to laugh at myself Looking for … Continue reading

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Historical Perspectives on Canadian Financial Institution Regulation:The Regulatory Toy

Hope this is limited to history of a particular time. Where the financial institution regulator continues to work with the “problems” of a financial institution, in circumstances where it is evident that the problems will not be resolved through compliance … Continue reading

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Marriage Explanation

A friend wrote about her parents’ marriage (reproduced with permission): It was amazing that my parents even met each other, by chance, at a dance. At that time, many marriages were arranged. Based on her parents’ arrangement, my mother was … Continue reading

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