Gimlets Slide

In downtown Toronto in the 1970s, there was a higher end strip bar called Gimlets, that appealed to principally male professionals, after work, though sometimes groups of men and women would show up. Went there on more than one occasion. Very different from The Warwick. Everything higher class (if possible, in that context), and no evident prostitution.

Everything focused on one stage. One performer would blend everything into Donna Summer’sI Feel Love“, singing as she disrobed.

Was attracted to one particular dancer. Blond, very thin frame. Would go to Gimlets to see her specifically, and often.

Encountered her on a performance break. No formal mixing with the crowd. Wearing thin garment to the floor. Asked her about her background. “My father owns a warehouse,” she said.

If you would like to go out at some point, here is my business card. As student-in-accounts.

She put it into the garment, between the breasts that were not, and it fell through her to the floor, as she looked into my eyes.

She didn’t pick it up.

Neither did I.

Postscript, March 26, 2013: It turns out that Gimlets was the inspiration for the movie Flashdance. Tom Hedley, who wrote the story upon which the movie was based, and also co-wrote the screenplay with Joe Eszterhas, frequented Gimlets, often in the company of artist Robert Markle. He ended up with a hit movie, starring Jennifer Beals, concerning a woman who was an exotic dancer at night, and a welder by day, working in a steel factory, with dreams of attending a prestigious dance academy.


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