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The Rising

Left the house this morning Bells ringing filled the air Wearing the cross of my calling On wheels of fire I come rolling down here Come on up for the rising Come on up Lay your hands in mine Easter … Continue reading

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Help you through, not around II

My steps never felt so hard The end never look so far But if you won’t take me out Then please take me through this Had earlier wondered where this belief in particular Intervention came from. Christian friend suggested BarlowGirl, … Continue reading

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Conrad Black, Unreconstituted

Yes, he’s been in jail, convicted of commercial malfeasance, a conviction which he continues to dispute. Reminders, at least a bit, of disbarred lawyer Julius Melnitzner, who became a respected legal writer, following a major fraud conviction. Had a Ph.D. … Continue reading

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Help you through, not around

Christian friend spoke of the tribulations: “He helps you through, not around.” Wondered where this came from. Book of Job? Maybe it’s Father Fitz: All you have to do is ask Him to help you become the person that He … Continue reading

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Robbie Nevil, Syndicate of Sound, John Lee Hooker w/Van Morrison: Serves You Right

Wasn’t it you I begged to stay Wasn’t it you Who just laughed in my face Maybe it’s true I`m not your kind The kind you leave behind You got nothin’ to hide And everybody knows it’s true Too bad, … Continue reading

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Gimlets Slide

In downtown Toronto in the 1970s, there was a higher end strip bar called Gimlets, that appealed to principally male professionals, after work, though sometimes groups of men and women would show up. Went there on more than one occasion. … Continue reading

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Cancel The Exam: Sax Upstairs

Writing without reference to the leadership literature. Leadership seems to be to focus more on the welfare of others, than self, where such focus does not weigh consequences of potential damage to self. Leadership seems to involve an appreciation of … Continue reading

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Good, Evil, Neither II

I have been reading on the debate as to whether human nature is good (Mencius), evil (Xunzi), or neither (Gaozi). Neil Remington Abramson, “Good, Evil, Neither” Neil Remington Abramson comments further, as follows (reproduced with permission): I’ve continued to read … Continue reading

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Carlene Carter: I Fell In Love

Remember seeing Carlene Carter at the Horseshoe Tavern in Toronto, 1977, opening for Tracy Nelson and her new band, which I thought included members of Mother Earth. Was interested in Carlene because Chris Hillman was being interviewed on Toronto radio, … Continue reading

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Good, Evil, Neither

My friend, Neil Remington Abramson, comments as follows (e-mail correspondence reproduced with permission): I have been reading on the debate as to whether human nature is good (Mencius), evil (Xunzi), or neither (Gaozi). Interestingly, Xunzi defines evil as self-interested, and … Continue reading

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