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Galatas, Poros, Saskatoon

Wrote about the “old country” sentiments of Neil Remington Abramson and I with respect to our childhood hometown, Saskatoon, compared to the distinctly different sentiments of Daryl, in relation to his hometown. Neil Remington Abramson comments further, as follows (e-mail … Continue reading

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Love, War, Irish Problem, Yeats: Life Focus

Found a 2001 interview with Judy Collins, by Nekesa Mumbi Moody, as published in the Globe and Mail (August 2, 2001, p. R4). Judy Collins was asked about her impressions of her first two albums, A Maid of Constant Sorrow … Continue reading

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Nothing But the dead and dying In my little town Neil Remington Abramson and I have fond memories of Saskatoon, where we grew up, living side by side. My mother never fully got over having to leave the city, and … Continue reading

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Milsap, Carrack: Button Off My Shirt

Each day’s passing The clock’s been my friend Helps me get back on my feet again Like the button off my shirt Just an every day distraction You’d be over reacting If you think that I still hurt Paul Carrack: … Continue reading

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And never lose your way

How do you lose yourself To someone And never lose your way Tony Bennett, “How Do You Keep The Music Playing” (1986): Started listening to Tony Bennett in the late 1960s or so. Always expressive. Remember how he would play … Continue reading

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Older Fathers and Children’s Challenges III

Wrote here and here about the association between older fathers and children’s challenges, as well as here, in relation to the “star factor” older father. Was relieved (?) to see these issues prominently discussed in a recent (February 15) article … Continue reading

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Some Corner

In downtown Toronto earlier today. Same sense of so much wealth, amidst the constant reconstruction. Going to the return plane at rush hour. Waiting for shuttle bus. So many people; hundreds walking by in minutes. Maybe imagining, but most people … Continue reading

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In 1978, thinking money to be saved, but forgetting sunk costs or opportunity costs, moved from Dundas and Sherbourne (201 Sherbourne), where the landlord was excellent, in the interest of keeping a low profile. Moved to a lowrise at Bloor … Continue reading

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Goin’ Down: Mick and Freddie

Mick Jagger, 2009, showing his talent in a smaller bar setting, at the age of 66: Freddie King, with whom the song is originally associated: Freddie King Live: Rolling Stones, 2012, with some posing, particularly from guest John Mayer: Classic … Continue reading

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“He Did Nothing”

Asked my mother what her father had done; what was his occupation. Vague memories of him; he was dead by the time I was five. Remember this short man with a moustache, seeming to be quite kindly, with my mother … Continue reading

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