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Date of Death

Neil Remington Abramson commented on finalities, as follows (e-mail correspondence reproduced with permission): If you set an arbitrary date of death, in my case the first is around 70 close to 71, when my first grandfather died; while the second … Continue reading

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Over to

Sons of Champlin, where things moveonup:

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Secondary, Primary

Sometimes a secondary character in a film or TV series ends up assuming a primary role. The essence of the film or TV series becomes intertwined with this particular character. Found this to be so with respect to Don Konkey, … Continue reading

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Such Richness

One of the concerns expressed to the Task Force about the competencies approach was that a “list” cannot begin to capture the richness of a law school education – the community in which one begins to think like a lawyer … Continue reading

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Saving Grace: Robbie Williams

Am I gaining ground Am I losing face Have I lost and found my saving grace Thankful for the gift my angels gave me I sit and wait Does an angel contemplate my fate And do they know The places … Continue reading

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Safety Rush

Rivers will run, bridges will burn I’m not sure just how But there’s no lookin’ back now Lawyer I once knew spoke about how being a professional athlete in another life had helped him with the ups and down of … Continue reading

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Selection, Cycle

Wrote about the now apparently abandoned practice in China of selecting and nurturing children, irrespective of economic background, based on academic excellence. A time when a talented child from the poorest family would be selected for greatness. Housed and fed … Continue reading

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Seat, Sir

Some day you remember me And picture my face Look at the face in the mirror, most days. Doesn’t seem to change that much. Some lines, whiter hair. Looks like the same face, from decades ago. It isn’t. When people … Continue reading

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From the concluding chapter of Canadian Financial Institution Failures: The Pathologies of Regulatory Inaction, the doctoral dissertation (Schulich School of Business [as it is now known], 1993): (7)Financial institution regulators will generally view the regulated as being composed of homogeneous … Continue reading

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Qualitatively Objective

In relation to “Numbers, Confidence, (Un)certainties?“, Neil Remington Abramson commented as follows (e-mail correspondence reproduced with permission): I am well acquainted with the bias in favour of numbers, because it is so true in management. You have no credibility in … Continue reading

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