Nini at homeJanuary 30, 2013

Nini at home
January 30, 2013

Wrote about the return of Nini, the lost cat. Who would now be dead, frozen in the cold, had it not been for the care and concern of neighbours. One in particular, who was able to coax her inside, where other neighbours had not been successful. What to do? Was contemplating traps, since a cat pursued readily runs away.

Fortunately, Arlene was able to persuade Nini to accept shelter in her home. Arlene describes the circumstances as follows:

When Nini arrived on our doorstep during the last week of 2012, she did so in style – whenever my husband or I opened the front door, there she’d be, doing an impressive assortment of athletic moves on our front porch – including the most amazing somersaults in the snow!

From day one, I tried to get her to come inside and out of the cold, but she seemed adamant not to want to be indoors – even during the first severe cold spell in early January. I could not coax her into the garage overnight. She sought refuge and hid under a large bush next to our front door – it was entirely covered with snow and offered a little bit of warmth. I set up a rather pathetic shelter for her made out of cardboard. with a winter jacket over it – but she only sat on top of it during the day, to sun herself!

After a while, she started to trust me. I was feeding her huge amounts daily because of the cold weather, and I also put catnip out for her. One day, she allowed me to pick her up and stroke her, and I simply carried her down to our finished, heated basement, despite her struggles. I suspect that, by that stage, her enchantment with “outdoor living” was waning, anyway. So that’s where she’s been for the last few weeks.

Of course, the big thing was to keep her separate from our two indoor cats, as we had no way of knowing what her health status was.

If you had told me yesterday morning what would happen at the vet, I would have said “Never!”. The vet said “Let’s check for a microchip”, found one and then contacted you, all within the space of 15 minutes! It was like being given a very special gift – knowing that this little lost cat (I called her Cali during her stay with us) was going to be safe and reunited with her family.

Nini is reunited, though with some regret on her part. Bit of sadness in her eyes. She is with her children again, but spends much of her time in the basement, with a preferred chair to sleep on. She never spent time in the basement before. Seems like she appreciated having her own special space, and the kindness shown to her at a different place and very recent time. Keep telling her that her life was saved. She says, with her eyes, “Where did they go?”

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  1. You’re lucky to get your cat back. Our Lemon, named by our niece Nanachan in Tokyo, was a Japanese tailless bright orange and white kitten, when found homeless in the rain by our niece. She wasn’t allowed to keep Lemon, because the family had a dog and lives in a small condo,

    Our daughter was getting married in Vancouver and Nanachan’s older sister Aichan was attending, so she brought us Lemon, who was loved by both our big black dogs, but not by our other cat.

    After 4 years, Lemon disappeared. We put up posters, visited humane societies, had several false alarms. Most likely, he died at the hands of one of the coyotes that roam in West Vancouver. I still hope he was catnapped. A tailless cat is very unusual here, though common in Japan.

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