Nini outside
Photographed by
a neighbour

The only thing I ever wanted
Was the feeling
That you ain’t faking

All aligned.

Delay in getting to law firm on a Saturday; out of cat food. Pick up same and back to telephone ringing. Chip read at an animal hospital, foreign to her children. She is there; is she yours?

Yes. Wandered away in mid-November. Posters to neighbours.

Neighbours calling. Have seen her. She won’t come in. Cold and more cold.

Hoping someone took her in, with -30 consistency, over several recent days.

One house. Distant neighbour. She did go in. Put her in the basement, since other cats would not readily accept. Kept her for a month. They called the Humane Society. Humane Society saying there was no report. There was a report, plus visits to try and find her.

Distant neighbours so kind. Took her to their own vet, with one of their cats, to have her checked out. Check the chip and she is there, and then back.

Doesn’t recognize the other cats–her children, though they recognize her. She is nervous; they are kind.

But she is back.

Finally getting ready to work; car ready to go. Neighbour stops to ask whether she was found. One who had called, but not seen or spoken to in a month.

She came back today, the same day that you asked.

Buddhist Karma, he says.

Life is full of such events.

Full moon, clear sky and blanket of stars, the past two nights. All shining and warm.

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