Looking Back, Forward II: Burton Cummings

Earlier wrote about passage of time when approaching 60, and a need to be mindful to use limited time with better wisdom. Turns out that Burton Cummings just turned 65, and has a particularly positive reflection on things. Extracted from his Facebook posting of December 31, 2012:

Today is my 65th birthday here on this plane, and were it not for the endless efforts of my family I would not have had the fascinating existence I’ve enjoyed all these decades. So, overall, I’m grateful today. I remain healthy and busy, and at 65 that’s more than most humans are given by life. It does not escape me how fortunate I’ve been and continue to be. Although I’m fully aware that I live an entirely different life than most who visit here, I would subtly suggest that all who read this take a few moments of quiet reflection and take stock of all things for which you should be thankful. In the grand scheme of things, our time here is not much more than the blink of an eye. As I sit here today and gaze out over the Pacific Northwest, I’m flashing back through 65 years of experiences…and I suppose that’s natural as can be. When I was a kid in Winnipeg, 65 seemed to mean “old and tired”….and “slow”…and pretty much “finished”.

Today I feel very distant from old, tired, slow, and finished. So I am thankful today, for my continuing curiosity and fascination with life…and for the good health to continue my many endeavors. The Universe has definitely smiled on me during this lifetime, and today I fully acknowledge that with boundless gratitude.

Knows when it’s time to dance:


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