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Nice That Way

Wrote about my time with the late musician Margo Davidson. Michael Todd, her high school friend and former bandmate, wrote about their earlier time together. Here he writes further (e-mail correspondence reproduced with permission): You know, I was pondering last … Continue reading

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Wrote about the return of Nini, the lost cat. Who would now be dead, frozen in the cold, had it not been for the care and concern of neighbours. One in particular, who was able to coax her inside, where … Continue reading

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Place and Time

Wrote about the late musician Margo Davidson, a member of Parachute Club, whom I had known in Toronto, and who shared an apartment with me for a period. Much is publicly known about her time as a professional musician and … Continue reading

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Almost Tulsa

And I was almost persuaded To let strange lips Lead me on Almost persuaded But your sweet love Made me stop And go home Dearest darling I have to write To say that I won’t be home anymore Cause something … Continue reading

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The only thing I ever wanted Was the feeling That you ain’t faking All aligned. Delay in getting to law firm on a Saturday; out of cat food. Pick up same and back to telephone ringing. Chip read at an … Continue reading

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Come Back Before You Leave

Come back before you leave I haven’t got room For a broken heart Roxette, showing they are much more than “Joyride“: Another video version, same track. Worth hearing again: Never looked back on a love affair I never spent minutes … Continue reading

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The hunt is on So let’s have fun Neil Remington Abramson commented on honesty, as follows (e-mail correspondence reproduced with permission): I am predisposed to favour honesty. It’s the source of a lot of my problems, but I think it’s … Continue reading

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Photographer’s Eye: Reflections on Dianne Heatherington

Phil Morris photographed Dianne Heatherington for nearly twenty years. He has previously written about his impressions of Dianne and her times. Here, he comments further (reproduced with permission): Around 1981, I was living in Regina. I saw Dianne during a … Continue reading

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Soul Survivor Story: Photographer of The Times

In relation to, Soul Survivor, the long-lost film on the late Canadian singer, Dianne Heatherington, about which I wrote previously, photographer Phil Morris commented as follows (reproduced with permission): At the time, I was a photographer on the Toronto music … Continue reading

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Date of Death II

Neil Remington Abramson, whom I have known since I was six years old, previously commented on the finalities. This year, both of us will be 60, assuming both of us live that long. Neil commented further, as follows (e-mail correspondence … Continue reading

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