Wrote about rapid passage of time. Remember when articling in law, 1977, and a fellow student saying “you can do anything you want until the age of 30. As of 30, you’d best have the direction figured out.”

A career plateau can now occur as early as 40, as opposed to 45 to 50 in the 1980s. Message given to my students is that there is a career window of roughly 15 years–30 to 45, when one should be devoting as much effort as possible to building a career, based on what one has developed to 30. Any education as of 30 and thereafter should be part-time only.

This from somebody who started at Ph.D. at 34, expecting a rich and fulfilling academic career upon completion at 40. Folly, and no recovery.

So in terms of resolutions of others, as of 30 and thereafter, a suggestion to not be tempted to move towards absolute changes in occupational direction in 2013. Folly, and no recovery.

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