Peter Frampton: Tried To Love

I tried to find
The one you’ll love forever

I don’t know why you come by
Nothing left

Lots of pap at this point (1977), in relation to Peter Frampton songs. This one different, with a bit of a Stones feel and related cynicism. Maybe because Mick Jagger was involved:

Live version in year of recorded release. Frampton seems to become a bit more alive. Mick Jagger very much missed on background vocals, which he assumed ownership to lead:

Maybe reminding himself of his earlier time with Humble Pie:

Postscript, December 27, 2012:

In 2001, Peter Frampton remembered his Humble Pie time, appearing at a memorial concert commemorating the 10th anniversary of the accidental death of band leader Steve Marriott, at the age of 44.

Bass player Greg Ridley passed away in November, 2003, at the age of 56, two years after this event, leaving two original surviving band members: Frampton and drummer Jerry Shirley.

Postscript, July 18, 2016:

When there is a hit on a page that hasn’t been viewed in awhile, will sometimes check as to status. Status here is that the YouTube videos have been deleted and do not appear to be otherwise accessible, at least as of today. Somebody wanting to assume a particular ownership…


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