Have always liked cutting hair. Cut my brother’s hair, when we were children. May have also cut my sister’s hair. First year university, offered to cut anybody’s hair in the residence. Frank responded, and seemed pleased with the result. Cut my own hair for fifteen years or so. Then went to some upscale place. Said I hadn’t had anybody cut my hair for fifteen years or so, and want to look like this guy, from the album or magazine. She didn’t care; cut it whatever way she wanted.

Remember walking around Bloor and Spadina in Toronto, 1972, last year of undergraduate studies. Wondering what job was possible. Felt that the arts program was a bit fraudulent. Yes, nice to study all of these great works, but how does it fit, in terms of getting a job?

Five years or so ago, thought of going to hairdressing school. Went to the mall; yes, you can get the certification through us. Several thousand dollars. Can pay by the month. But need 1,500 hours or so of practical experience.

No time; still practising law, working on Parliament Hill and teaching. Hairdressing practical experience requirement doing me in.

Guy comes to inspect the furnace in house. Has the heating and refrigeration certificate from Algonquin College. Nine month program, now extended to two years. Highly marketable skill. He works for himself, as a contractor to the heating companies. Can also deal with broken down fridges, plus air conditioning systems.

Seems to make far more sense to acquire a marketable skill, immediately after high school. University studies coming later, financed in significant part from earnings from a skilled trade. All those university graduates saying they have no or low-paying jobs and significant student loans to pay back…

Parents were focused on university because they had never been here, and it seemed like a ticket to upward mobility. Given the decades now that we know this is not necessarily the case…well, the fraudulent element of many undergraduate degrees remains. Could be more globally employable through hairdressing than otherwise, despite multiple degrees and certifications.

Liked the first part of You Don’t Mess With the Zohan:

Liked all of Blow Dry, despite critical and public sentiments to the contrary:

Studying at university the great scholars, the great artists, the great novelists…something much later, and more readily part-time?

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