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Wrote about rapid passage of time. Remember when articling in law, 1977, and a fellow student saying “you can do anything you want until the age of 30. As of 30, you’d best have the direction figured out.” A career … Continue reading

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Meaning in Sameness

Your place no one can fill It’ll be the same old story Yes it will Extracted from various e-mail communications from Neil Remington Abramson, November, 2012. Maybe further reflections in relation to 2013. Some people seem to have particular abilities, … Continue reading

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Looking Back, Forward

I will be 60 in 2013. My father was the same age, when he was subject to retirement pressures, which seemed to abate when I had the opportunity to intervene. Difficult to believe that I will be the same age … Continue reading

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Little Lights

Generally trying to hang the trees with lights, or hang the lights on the trees. Missed the last couple of years. This year putting two strings up on Christmas eve. Bought the replacement bulbs for the ones burned out and … Continue reading

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Peter Frampton: Tried To Love

I tried to find The one you’ll love forever I don’t know why you come by Nothing left Lots of pap at this point (1977), in relation to Peter Frampton songs. This one different, with a bit of a Stones … Continue reading

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Jane Monheit Discovery

Out of the bins, from a year ago. Another one where, at the remaindered price, purchasing the unknown, at least to self, with the only mixed consequence being Goodwill or similar donation. Then discover some better known, highly talented artist … Continue reading

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Christmas Bell

In response to my attempt at pedagogical brilliance turning into a Christmas exam disaster, Neil Remington Abramson commented as follows: You are lucky that the teaching evaluations were already in, since virtually all universities require that the teaching evaluations be … Continue reading

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Dance Epiphany

Wrote about amazing dancer Louise Lecavalier. Find modern dance to be particularly impressive and moving. Paul Auster had a similar reaction, as he recounts during the course of interviews with Larry McCaffery and Sinda Gregory (1989-1990), contained in The Art … Continue reading

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Jude Cole: House Full of Reasons

This is the room Where I sat and waited Till the morning Watching the door You slammed so hard It broke the windows Up and down I’ve climbed these walls It seems I’m trapped inside This house full of reasons … Continue reading

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Tried electronic cards; not the same feeling. Received electronic cards; not the same feeling. Hadn’t sent Christmas cards by post for several years. Would receive, but not reciprocate. Would end up regretting, since it was one time in the year … Continue reading

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