Tim Thorney: Missing Person

In an empty room
You can see it all

You got what you wanted
Is that all you deserve
And now you can’t live with yourself

The one that you love
Turns into a missing person

Have followed Tim Thorney since his days with The Front, over thirty years ago. He still makes music, still produces for himself and others. Later claim to fame was as a producer for Alanis Morissette, among others. Took away from recognition of his own talent, in some respects.


Continuing theme, from a slightly greater hit, that maybe was, ten years earlier:

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3 Responses to Tim Thorney: Missing Person

  1. Susan says:

    Tim Thorney moved to Collingwood in 2011
    is now laying in a hospital
    been in a coma for awhile
    opened his eyes up briefly
    who knows if this is his last call
    wonder if the world knows or cares

  2. Judging from the comments on his Facebook page, a number of people are quite concerned for his welfare.

    • Susan says:

      Oh I know that; I’m one of them
      There was one comment, if you read them all,
      where one of his friends comments
      that musicians are only as good as their last gig,
      and how sad that is

      I knew Thornie as a kid in Winnipeg
      and hung out with him with my brother
      He’s the coolest guy ever
      Don’t know about Toronto;
      His friends in Winnipeg love him dearly

      In the last day there has been improvement
      It was looking pretty dire,
      as we were told in Winnipeg
      that Tim was in a coma!

      I’m so happy to hear it’s not so dire
      All our prayers and healing thoughts may have helped
      The more people know,
      The more prayers, more healing thoughts.

      Thanks for caring.

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