Rained, Revealed

Wrote about the song “Stop! In The Name Of Love”. Always liked it, in various versions, some newly discovered. Didn’t appreciate that it touched certain people in ways far deeper than intended by the cover version canvas. Somebody wrote to me about the message the song had for him (e-mail correspondence reproduced with permission, and preferred identification):

I got into an affair (relationship?) with someone who was recently divorced, and I was single. She told me how lonely and alone she was. Later it turned out she was living with this guy I hadn’t known about. She knew him before me; may have had him move in after she and I got involved. I don’t know, and will likely never know. What I do know is that she was carrying on with me, and then going home to be with this other sweetie. I only found out one evening, insisting on driving her home in pouring rain, and her not wanting me to drive up in front of her apartment, in case I was seen.

I think if I had known about the other guy from the outset (the original story was she was alone after her divorce), I would have been less inclined to have been swept away by the moment.

I found it very difficult to be close with her by day, or on a trip, but to know that she was with someone else by night. Never again.

Later, he left her. Later than that, I distanced myself, too. Ended it. She tried then to pick up again but I didn’t want that merry-go-round roller coaster any more. Now she is married to somebody else. Hope she is happy. Hope he is happy, too.

On the replay. Maybe it’s this slower version that tells the true story:

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