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Sliding Doors: Different Moment, Destiny

Sliding Doors being a “what if” film. What if the moment slightly changed; how dramatically would one’s life change? Liked the concept and the emotion. First occasion of major respect for Gwyneth Paltrow. If you don’t make the train: You … Continue reading

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From French, To French

Had not realized that French is a precursor to English. Thought they developed separately, and borrowed from each other. Turns out, in reading Paul Auster’s “Twentieth Century French Poetry” overview (1981, contained in The The Art of Hunger [1992]), modern … Continue reading

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Power, Not Religion II

With respect to the comments of Lorne in relation to democracy, Neil Remington Abramson commented as follows (e-mail correspondence reproduced with permission): I wonder if it isn’t a bit condescending to ask if the Islamic/Arab countries are “ready” for democracy? … Continue reading

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Tim Thorney: Missing Person

In an empty room You can see it all You got what you wanted Is that all you deserve And now you can’t live with yourself The one that you love Turns into a missing person Have followed Tim Thorney … Continue reading

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Power, Not Religion

An image from Cairo, Egypt, November 23, 2012. Credit: Reuters. Earlier expressed scepticism in relation to the future of democracy amidst the Arab Spring. Conflicted as to the support of Islam for democracy. Have previously expressed concerns about the erosion … Continue reading

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Rained, Revealed

Wrote about the song “Stop! In The Name Of Love”. Always liked it, in various versions, some newly discovered. Didn’t appreciate that it touched certain people in ways far deeper than intended by the cover version canvas. Somebody wrote to … Continue reading

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Dada to Surreal

Don’t know that much about art or poetry, and less about the latter than the former. Seem to like a lot of William Ronald and Jack Bush, plus some Modigliani. In terms of poetry, can’t think of anybody, other than … Continue reading

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