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Earlier situation that frames so much. 16 and 14. Meet in Mr. Brown’s classroom, after school and after Mr. Brown’s Greek class. Physical fumblings, emotions all over the ceiling. Mr. Brown comes in one time, expectedly, and immediately turns and … Continue reading

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Easy (Mis)interpretation

On the Toronto subway. See a couple, he perhaps early 40s, she in early 20s. She is Asian; he is Caucasian. Not talking at all, for the duration of a long subway ride. Onto the subway holding hands. He puts … Continue reading

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Film about relationships, at many levels. One of the best performances of Julia Roberts that I have seen, plus a comparable performance from Brad Pitt: The Mexican. 2001 film. Written by J.H. Wyman, who also co-produced the film. Not typical … Continue reading

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In the early 2000s, I went back to the ward where I had involuntariy been, in 1994. It was still on the first floor of the hospital. Later moved upstairs, for reasons I don’t understand. I became aware of the … Continue reading

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Drugged or Drugless?

I wrote about the circumstances of drugless recovery from crash and burn. Still lots of holes in that recovery story. It turns out that my friend, Neil Remington Abramson, has had experience with the drugged and drugless choices. He writes … Continue reading

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Drugless Treatment

Crash and burn recovery was without drugs. After all, the gobbling was what had put me there. Once had a prescription for Valium. Carried them everywhere, taking them at the slightest sign of tension, real or imagined. Remember seeing a … Continue reading

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Dwayne Ford: Passing Time

She didn’t love me She was only passing time Wasting mine Perfect pop song that came and went in 1975: When people have an ability to write a solid song like this, always of interest where they end up. Turns … Continue reading

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