John Hiatt Optimism: Slow Turning

When I was a boy
I thought it just came to you
But I never could tell what’s mine
So it didn’t matter anyway

Have admired John Hiatt for decades. Consistently conveys great insight into human emotion. Overcoming setbacks; joy of the moment. “Slow Turning” as a major and universal life theme. This from someone who had to overcome the suicide of his estranged second wife, leaving him a single parent of a one year old daughter. Didn’t appreciate until sourcing this that both his father and brother also committed suicide, within a two year period.

He overcomes so much.

I always thought our house was haunted
Cuz nobody said “boo” to me
I never did get what I wanted
But now I get what I need

The original:

It’s been a slow turning
From the inside out
A slow turning
But you come about

A slow learning
But you learn to sway
A slow turning, baby
Not fade away, not fade away

Live on Letterman, accompanied by Paul Shaffer:

You think you’ve come so far
In this one horse town
Then she’s laughing that crazy laugh
Cuz you haven’t left the parkin’ lot

Semi-acoustic, from 1997:

Time is short
And here’s the damn thing about it
You’re gonna die, gonna die for sure
And you can learn to live with love
Or without it

And in 2012, with the joy still there:

But there ain’t no cure

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