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Across The Table

I wrote about relationship fault, here, here and here. Probably write about it too much. My friend, Neil Remington Abramson, commented as follows (e-mail correspondence reproduced with permission): I really don’t like the blame game, which I think intends to … Continue reading

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No Words Necessary, Across Cultures

I wrote about silence in relationships, here and here. Neil Remington Abramson commented further, as follows (reproduced with permission): “The silence of the lifeline” resonates for me. We often sit in the car driving to some distant location, not speaking, … Continue reading

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Jim Foster: Hole In The Ocean

Drummer Gerry Wand has previously written of how his music career commenced in Western Canada, including playing with legendary artists Billy Cowsill and John Witmer, among others and, after joining the band Fosterchild, being part of the backup band for … Continue reading

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John Hiatt Optimism: Slow Turning

When I was a boy I thought it just came to you But I never could tell what’s mine So it didn’t matter anyway Have admired John Hiatt for decades. Consistently conveys great insight into human emotion. Overcoming setbacks; joy … Continue reading

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One matter to bring up the past, over and over. Quite another to spread the news. Heart of hearts, to enemy. Let the world know. So much pain, what s/he did. Free form hostility, with some bent seeking of empathy. … Continue reading

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My features form With a change in the weather When the wind blows When the mothers talk Some of us horrified Others never talk about it But when the weather starts to burn Then you’ll know that you’re in trouble … Continue reading

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Rolling Stones: Too Tough, Going Down

If you want to Wreck my life Go ahead, my love In the end You spat me out But could not Chew me up Too tough Seems that, after Exile on Main Street (1972), end up looking for the odd … Continue reading

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Earlier situation that frames so much. 16 and 14. Meet in Mr. Brown’s classroom, after school and after Mr. Brown’s Greek class. Physical fumblings, emotions all over the ceiling. Mr. Brown comes in one time, expectedly, and immediately turns and … Continue reading

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Easy (Mis)interpretation

On the Toronto subway. See a couple, he perhaps early 40s, she in early 20s. She is Asian; he is Caucasian. Not talking at all, for the duration of a long subway ride. Onto the subway holding hands. He puts … Continue reading

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Film about relationships, at many levels. One of the best performances of Julia Roberts that I have seen, plus a comparable performance from Brad Pitt: The Mexican. 2001 film. Written by J.H. Wyman, who also co-produced the film. Not typical … Continue reading

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