Endless Loop: Estranged

8-Track Tape
Source: Wikipedia Article

He was an impoverished client, looking to write a will. Actually, in such circumstances, it is not the will that is most important, but the power of attorney for property and the power of attorney for personal care, to be used in circumstances of incapacity. Part of the package. More important than appreciated. Had another impoverished client who had been in and out of psychiatric institutions for the better part of 30 years, with no power of attorney for personal care, until now. Meant that during the entire 30 years, all medical and medication decisions had been made by the psychiatrists, with no input from someone advocating on the patient’s behalf.

My recollection is that the fee ended up being an 8-Track tape player, vintage 1978. All he had to offer. Unsolicited.

Hadn’t seen his son for some twenty years. When doing the will and powers of attorney, became quite reflective. His only child. Telling me how he had tried and tried, but ex-wife made things so difficult. Fights over visits, fights over trips. Gave up.

Came in with framed photo of son at Grade 8 graduation. Everything stopping after that.

Did an internet search. Found the son, with a successful career in law enforcement/military, or related. Client had no idea; no computer skills, and no computer. Asked me to contact son on his behalf. Wanted to reconnect, before passing.

Found internet address for son, and communicated father’s wishes.

Reply within a day. Haven’t seen my father for twenty years, and never want to see him again. I don’t even like calling him my father. He was never there for me; too many times he just didn’t show up. Don’t ever contact me again on his behalf, and also advise him never to try to contact me.

Advised the client. Expected some sort of grimace.

Nothing. Had been through it before, he said. Distance constantly reinforced during the twenty years. He tried, and tried.

Said he had always been sending cards; guess never received.

Son had a very clear impression of his future. Wondering if the father had reframed the past.

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